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Last year, Friends of the Black Run Preserve was able to achieve the following accomplishments as a result of our members, supporters, volunteers and more:

  • Trail Crew leaders have been working to improve trail routing, parking, mapping, and signage for the whole trail system.  Once complete, a coordinated maintenance program will be put into effect.
  • REI has awarded us a $10,000 Community Grant to build a pedestrian/bike bridge over the Black Run stream on the west side of the Preserve.
  • The new REI Bridge will be part of a proposed nine-mile Peaceful Partners Trail, connecting Rancocas Conservancy’s Cold Springs Preserve to Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge.
  • After our Phragmites census in the MUA basins last year, we worked on a plan to eradicate the nonnative plants. NJ Conservation Foundation awarded FBRP a $5,000 Franklin Parker Conservation Grant to plant native Pine Barrens plants in the MUA basins, which we successfully completed this year.
  • Through our Citizen Science Projects, such as Nest Watch, Stream Monitoring, Restoration, etc., our volunteers are conducting valuable research which is making a measurable difference to support the native plants and animals in our beautiful Pine Barrens oasis.
  • FBRP graduated its first cohort of adult Ambassadors. They are now leading hikes, birding and photography tours.

In 2018, we hope to accomplish even more, including:

  • Conduct three weekends of major trail maintenance, making our trail system as sustainable as possible.
  • Install the REI Peace Bridge by the end of 2018.
  • Fill in the puddles on the Peaceful Partners Trail making it more accessible for all users.
  • Continue to inspire a growing culture of peaceful people that enjoy a serene & special place.

Our Overall Accomplishments

The FBRP held its first meeting in May 2012. Since that time we have:

  • Obtained $33,000 in grants from local business, REI.
  • Conducted a Visioning Event & developed a BRP Concept Plan.
  • Expanded, marked, and maintained a multi-use trail system.
  • Conducted dozens of clean-up events removing legacy dumping (tires, construction trash) and ongoing dumped articles.
  • Added educational signage to the BRP.
  • Conducted dozens of guided tours in the BRP.
  • Became an official 501(c) 3 entity in August 2014.
  • Partnered with Cherokee and Middle School teachers and students on service learning projects, clean-ups, educational trips and projects.
  • Worked with DeMasi Middle School teacher, Maureen Heenan, to introduce the natural art/language arts program, Voices From the Land to the BRP.
  • Partnered with the DeMasi Middle School Ambassadors Program.
  • Started Citizen Science Projects: Nest Boxes & Stream Monitoring
  • Partnered with local Boy Scout Troops’ Eagle Scout Candidates.


Join Us In Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve and protect the unique natural beauty and Pine Barrens ecology of the Black Run Preserve for the benefit of all citizens.  We strive to maintain the pristine quality of its natural resources while promoting healthy outdoor activities, environmental awareness and education.

We hope you’ll become a “Friend of the Black Run” member!

Friends of the Black Run Preserve (FBRP) is registered as a nonprofit organization under Internal Revenue Service section 501(c)(3), and contributions to the FBRP are tax deductible.

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