Benches provide a place for visitors to rest, relax, reflect, and enjoy

Many people visit the Black Run Preserve to hike, run, bike, or explore. Others come just to enjoy the rejuvenating power of nature. The benches located throughout the preserve are generously donated by community members and provide visitors a spot to rest, relax, and just be for a bit.

The map below shows you the specially selected locations where you can find one of these benches. Plan your visit around them, or just enjoy stumbling across one on your own. Either way, we hope you’ll take advantage of them and spend a few minutes enjoying the nature that surrounds you.

Bench locations and dedications

Meet our Benches

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New Benches Coming!

A new bench donation program is underway with specially selected locations ready to receive your gift. Learn how you can provide a permanent gift to visitors for years to come.

New benches will be installed along our newly expanded trails.
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