The Black Run Preserve serves as an ideal outdoor environmental education site for local school districts.

Recent projects have included:

  • Teachers and students from several local schools have conducted clean-ups of the Preserve.
  • DeMasi Middle School students installed dozens of birdboxes, and will be monitoring them using GPS technology.

    Marlton Middle school students exploring the Preserve

  • Pinelands Preservation Alliance conducted a Black Run Summer Teacher Institute the past several years. The Institute trained local teachers in the ecology and history of human uses of their local natural areas and how they can use the Preserve as an outdoor classroom. Topics included studying the site through maps and aerial photographs, hiking portions of the preserve, analyzing soils, testing water quality, sampling aquatic life, and examining the history of human impacts on the site.

School Contacts:

  • Maureen Heenan, teacher, DeMasi Middle School, Email:
  • Margie Mannion, teacher, Marlton Middle School, Email:
  • Bob Clarke, teacher, Cherokee High School, Email:
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