The time has come for Friends of the Black Run Preserve to fully express its

Vision and Voice



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From its inception, FBRP has been working to inspire a culture of respect and peace among its community of user groups. As more and more people are finding the Black Run Preserve, it becomes more important for that message, and how it translates into practice as a trail user, be visually and verbally appealing. In addition, other key informational and educational messaging needs to be created. Therefore, FBRP need talented individuals with the following skills:

  • Being able to draw someone’s attention to read a message. (i.e. graphic designers, artists, etc.)
  • Being able to craft a well-worded message that gets its meaning across in a positive manner. (i.e. Teaching/communications/advertising, background)

FBRP has grant monies for the development of the following signage:

  • Two large signs for the future “Peace Bridge”
  • A plaque of names who have contributed $500 will be placed on the bridge
  • Five kiosks in need of visually appealing and uniform messaging
  • Interpretive signage for native plant, animal habitats, and feature of the BRP
  • Signage to identify the savannas and bogs.
  • Messaging for specific user groups: dog owners, mountain bikers, birders, trail runners
  • Development of signage for our Peaceful Partners Trail


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