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As more and more people are finding the Black Run Preserve, it becomes more important for that message, and how it translates into practice as a trail user, be visually and verbally appealing. In addition, other key informational and educational messaging needs to be created. We are looking for five to ten volunteers, who are willing to meet once a month, starting the third week of April.


Black Run Preserve is a 1300-acre natural gem located in Evesham Township, New Jersey. Join us and discover all that it offers, and help us restore and protect it for the future.

The Preserve is traversed by numerous marked hiking trails and sand roads. Recreation opportunities include hiking, trail running, mountain biking, birdwatching, nature photography, geo-caching, and nature study.

Why makes the Black Run Preserve so special?

The Black Run Preserve is an island of still pristine Pine Barrens surrounded by development. Its water and soil retain classic Pine Barrens characteristics: low nutrient and low pH. These harsh conditions mean only native plants and animals can thrive in its numerous bogs and uplands.

What will one see in the Black Run Preserve?

With very few exceptions, one will see only plants and animals adapted to Pine Barrens conditions. For example, native green frogs and sunfish can successfully reproduce in the acidic waters while nonnative bullfrogs and bass cannot. Low nutrient soil means some plants, such as sundews, supplement their nitrogen intake by consuming insects. Fire adapted trees and shrubs blanket the uplands.

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Check out the upcoming events happening in the community and at Black Run Preserve. Bring your family and friends and enjoy connecting with nature.


Get involved in community events and join the Friends of the Black Run Preserve. We could always use a few extra helping hands for Trail Crew to helping out with a variety of events at Black Run. Sign up today.

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Become a volunteer and be part of the Friends of the Black Run Preserve. You’ll love our group of outdoor enthusiasts that are working hard to build a great community at Black Run.


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What Our Members Say

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    Black Run Preserve is an ecological paradise, loaded with native fauna and flora, located mere miles from major urban hubs and commerce. Setting foot on one of the many miles of trails shifts you back to seemingly primordial habitat. There’s no other place in Evesham so pure and wild than Black Run Preserve. The moment I explored Black Run I knew that it was a truly rare treasure. We are very lucky for the hard work and preservation that gifts us Black Run today!

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    A remarkably quiet and peaceful retreat from reality, with ample recreation and exploration opportunities, Black Run Preserve of Evesham Township delights children and children at heart . Both beautifully historical and natural, each twist and turn through its woods beckons you further into the majesty of New Jersey’s Pinelands.

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    Worth the trip, it’s absolutely wonderful!

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    Just finished a 4-miler around the perimeter of the preserve. Got a special treat seeing something for a first time: a side-by-side pair of fence lizards. Happy National Trails Day!

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    I like the trail that eventually gets you to old Aerohaven.

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    The red trail is the best. It’s got a bit of everything. And it loops at a perfect spot for a nicely timed after dinner hike.

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    I’m a big fan of the black trail, especially by the old bogs.

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