Orienteering Course Marker

Get familiar with Black Run Preserve by doing the Orienteering Course. This course will get you familiar with some of the key areas of the preserve. Use clues/hints to find specific areas and have fun!

Download Orienteering Course Instructions and Map

Orienteering Course Overview

Time to Complete: 2.5 hours

Distance: 6 miles

This course is a beginner level course that loops back to the start. All control locations (markers) are easily found from marked trails. The course is relatively flat and covers moderate terrain. The total distance of the course is about 6 miles and will take 2.5 hours at a leisurely pace. However, both time and distance will depend on the specific route you choose to complete the course. Please take this into consideration when starting the course at dusk.

A basic orienteering compass is helpful in completing the course. The trails are well marked and maintained so you should be able to complete the course using the map only. You will need a pen or pencil for recording the control points as you locate them.
Orienteering is a timed event so you will want to record your start and finish times. You may wish to record times at each control point.

Orienteering Course Marker

Start/Finish: Look for the Orienteering Course S/F marker. Starting at the Kiosk, the marker clues/hints are:

  1. Look toward the birdhouse
  2. By the bench
  3. To the right of the dam
  4. Red crosses white on white
  5. End of yellow
  6. End of blue
  7. By the blue standpipe
  8. Valley of red
  9. Bog with down pine
  10. Babbling birdhouse

Download Orienteering Course Instructions and Map

View Orienteering Course Instructions and Map Here

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