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The New Jersey Forest Fire Service will be conducting a prescribed burn in the Black Run Preserve and adjacent properties on Wednesday, March 13. #eveshamfire will be supporting the prescribed burn with suppression resources. Prescribed burns are weather-dependent and are often conducted with great planning, but little notice of day and time.

The area for prescribed burning is approximate as follows: the western boundary of the entrance to the BRP is the dirt driveway from the Kings Grant dog park, the southern boundary is the blue trail, the northern boundary is the golf course fairways, and the eastern edge is a water/wetlands area west of Hopewell road. The prescribed fire is expected to burn slowly from south to north and self-extinguish when it reaches the wet areas of the woods.

During the prescribed burn, this portion of the BRP under prescribed burn will be closed. Residents throughout Evesham and Medford Township will smell and see smoke during this period. Upon completion, the fire area will continue to smolder until a multiple-day soaking rain event takes place.

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