These are difficult times we are living through and uncertainly is one of the issues we are all dealing with. While it is our hope that we return to normalcy soon, we have to be realistic and prepare for a much longer haul than originally anticipated. To that end, we are postponing the exhibition until the fall (see dates below) and extending the submission deadline accordingly.

The upside of this is that everyone will have an opportunity to explore the BRP as it expresses its beauty through the Spring and Summer season. And with this comes the opportunity for additional expression of your own. If you have already submitted entries and would like to swap them out for others that you are more excited about, you may certainly do so. To avoid any confusion, please clearly identify which files you are replacing when you send your new ones.

If you have not yet entered, don’t miss out! You can find the entry form and all details here. The trails are open to those seeking peace and inspiration. Until we hear otherwise, it is essential that you follow social distancing guidelines and take extra care when you encounter others on the grounds or parking lots.

Once again, thank you for your support and understanding. Stay safe and well.

New Timeline:
Call for Entries Ends:  September 1, midnight
Acceptance Notification:  September 8
Delivery of Accepted Work: September 29, 10am – 3pm and September 30, 10am-3pm, 7-9pm
Exhibition Open:  October 5-28
Artist Reception and Awards Ceremony: October 16, 7-9:30 pm
Center for the Arts of Southern New Jersey
123 S. Elmwood Road, Marlton, NJ
Pick up Unsold Work:           October 29 and 30, 10am-3pm

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